GENIE features

Industry’s first boundaryless Hybrid Intercom system

Matrix-free IP Intercom yet super-scalable solution

Seamless, Reliable, and Easy-to-design & extend

Multi-channel Ethernet devices in the system

License-free and Channel-rich 5GHz UNII band

GENIIE Configuration Manager(GCM)

GENIE devices

BS1000 Base Station view



  • 01Power switch
  • 02Loudspeaker
  • 03MIC on/off button (LED)
  • 04Loudspeaker on/off button (LED)
  • 05MENU button
  • 06Master Volume and select DIM, CUT, Sidetone
  • 07RMK button (LED)
  • 08SA button (LED)
  • 09TTA button (LED)
  • 10CH1 Volume, push to call
  • 11CH1 Talk button (LED)
  • 12CH2 Volume, push to call
  • 13CH2 Talk button (LED)
  • 14Display screen 1
  • 15CH3 Talk button (LED)
  • 16CH3 Volume, push to call
  • 17CH4 Talk button (LED)
  • 18CH4 Volume, push to call
  • 19CH5 Volume, push to call
  • 20CH5 Talk button (LED)
  • 21CH6 Volume, push to call
  • 22CH6 Talk button (LED)
  • 23Display screen 2
  • 24LEDs for LAN status
  • 25CH7 Talk button (LED)
  • 26CH7 Volume, push to call
  • 27CH8 Talk button (LED)
  • 28CH8 Volume, push to call
  • 29Gooseneck microphone connector
  • 30Headset connector
  • 31Antenna mounting hole
  • 32Ear for rack mounting



  • 01Antenna connector
  • 022-Wire intercom NULL control
  • 032-Wire intercom channel A connector
  • 042-Wire intercom channel A connector
  • 052-Wire intercom channel B connector
  • 062-Wire intercom NULL control
  • 074-Wire intercom channel A connector
  • 084-Wire intercom channel B connector
  • 094-Wire intercom channel C input connector
  • 104-Wire intercom channel C output connector
  • 11Auxiliary input connector
  • 12Auxiliary output connector
  • 13SA connector
  • 14Multi-Sync connector
  • 15Antenna connector
  • 16PC PROG connector
  • 177 GPO Relays and 2 OPTO inputs connector
  • 18POE input connector
  • 19Daisy-chain POE LINE1 connector
  • 20Daisy-chain POE LINE2 connector
  • 21Power input connector
  • 22Power input connector for duplex

GENIE system usage

Fully scalable and highly efficient magic-wish intercom solution
for simple to large scale of applications

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system usage